Transportation for Seniors to Medical Appointments

Our gurney  services are for patients and seniors who are incapable of being transported while seated, Our Professional team and drivers capable of transport patients from hospitals to various destinations such as facilities, other hospitals, dialysis centers and pharmacies.

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You have an important medical appointment but cannot get there?

Something as simple as getting to a doctor’s appointment can be an insurmountable feat for many people. There are elderly people who no longer drive, people using wheelchairs, or those with disabilities that affect their mobility or driving abilities. It is estimated that in the United States at least 3.6 million people yearly miss or delay health appointments due to transportation problems. This is very costly to the medical system, of course- doctors lose money and time, and patients that could have been scheduled instead miss that chance.  More critically, missed appointments are even costlier to the health of those with chronic or life-threatening conditions that especially need vital health care in a timely manner (Tsernov, 2022). 

These transportation-challenged people are the ones that need medical care the most- but may have the most trouble obtaining it.

 You need a reliable way to keep your appointment?

This is where medical transportation companies such as Safer Medical Transport step in- to help those elderly, disabled or critically ill that need to get to appointments. These people and their families can access the services of medical transportation companies to assist them in getting clients to and from those medical appointments and non-emergency check-ups.

Clients need never again miss their important appointments for the doctor, dentist, optometrist, physical therapy or dialysis. Medical transportation companies such as Safer Medical Transport are there to ensure safe, timely and affordable delivery to and from their destination. Whether you are an ambulatory client, or need wheelchair or gurney service, Safer Medical Transport is the best way available to get to those important medical appointments.

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