Dialysis Transportation Service

 Transportation is made safe and easy with Safer Medical Transport’s services, providing patients with a smooth ride to their destination with most care. 

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You have an important medical appointment but cannot get there?

With Safer Medical you can expect devotion, reliability, and consideration of small details while you travel.

You can rely on Safer Medical as we ensure to serve our senior community and patients for medical provisions.

If you need wheelchair or ambulatory services, we will be at your door with a sterile and safe conveyance. Do you have a loved one who is a dialysis patient that needs safe and smooth transportation service with proper care? Secure your ride, if you or your loved ones have an appointment scheduled for dialysis treatment, we got you covered.

We transport the patient to  their destination without any inconvenience or delay. Punctuality is important for us to help  patients reach their appointments on time. Following dialysis treatment patients could be tired,  nauseous, or exhausted. In this condition safe transportation back home is the primary thing you should secure.

Safer Medical Transport offers a trained dialysis transportation service that will assist you or your loved ones to get to the hospital safely and securely. Whether it is momentary treatment or (ERD) End Stage Renal Disease, do not worry, your transportation will be as smooth as possible. Comfort is our main priority. We make sure every one of our patients and passengers are assisted with proper care, by being punctual with minimum delay, we make sure the patient reaches the destination safe and on time.

Trained Team

Safer Medical drivers are much more than just a driver. They are particularly experts and  get  trained for the transportation of dialysis patients. They get trained through a proper course in the transportation of the elderly, patients with different health issues, as well as patients with renal disorders or failure making sure that the patient is in safe hands. Safer Medical understands the hypersensitive condition a dialysis patient can have, while keeping that in consideration we ensure a safe and pleasant ride with Safer Medical Transport.

Bed Bound Patients

Our team will provide primary stretcher or gurney transport to patients that are bedound. While putting the patient’s comfortability as top priority, we gently move the patient from the bed to the stretcher, strapping them onto stretcher to ensure stability and proper positioning. We always maintain a properly sterilized gurney to minimize the risk of compromising our patients to any health issues.

Vehicle Fleet 

We own a decently sized vehicle fleet which includes an extensive variety of medical vans, able to accommodate a large number of rides which provides safe and secure transportation to the patients and their attendees. Our medical vans are fully insured and compliant with the rules of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), city regulations, and licensing standards of the

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